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Prof. Carlo Greco

Prof. Carlo Greco

Prof. Greco is the incumbent Director of Clinical Research at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU), a translational cancer research institute based in Lisbon. With his team, he has conducted several research studies of extreme hypofractionation and single-dose radiation therapy in limited oligometastatic disease with PET/CT confirmation of long-term complete response in over 90% of lesions treated with SDRT.

In 2019 his research in the field of oligometastatic disease culminated in the identification of patients that will most likely benefit from ablative treatment based on pre-treatment clinical and metabolic parameters derived from PET scanning, thus improving optimization of resources and treatment cost-effectiveness.  He is also actively engaged in the management of early-stage primary disease with cutting-edge technology and investigator-driven clinical studies using advanced organ motion mitigation techniques and target tracking in various disease settings such as lung and prostate cancer.

Particularly with prostate cancer, he has developed an innovative technique that enables the delivery of a single ablative dose of radiation as a viable and non-invasive alternative to surgery. Preliminary results of a randomized clinical study comparing the established five-session regimen versus a single ablative exposure in localized prostate cancer have been presented at international meetings.

He is currently involved in the introduction of AI as a tool to improve accuracy in target volume definition and to predict the likelihood of response to the treatment thereby permitting identification of patients who may require further treatment.

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