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Dr. Dan Fass

Dr. Dan Fass

Dr. Fass has thirty-five years clinical experience in radiation oncology and was part of the pioneering team that developed both 3D RT and IMRT at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He later brought this technology to community hospitals in the New York area.

Recognizing the global need for access to state of the art radiation therapy services, he was chosen as CEO for Princeton Healthcare Alliance. There, he opened and managed a radiation oncology facility in Kazakhstan and consulted through Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, GCC countries and Africa. His team has extensive experience in the design, finance and operation of multi-specialty healthcare facilities.

His team works with government ministries, lenders and providers to find site specific cost-effective solutions to benefit patients who would otherwise lack appropriate treatment.

They partner with companies that bring new technology to improve outcomes in the US market, offering practical solutions including AI and ML, working with both major academic institutions and small community practices to enhance value across the enterprise.

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