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Mirada recognized as a Top 100 Digital Health Company by the DIT

New initiative that recognizes the UK’s leading digital health organizations

By Hugh Bettesworth, CEO, Mirada Medical

I am excited to announce that Mirada Medial has been recognized as one of the top 100 UK digital healthcare companies by the Department for International Trade (DIT). We have been included in the DIT’s prestigious ‘First 100 Playbook’ in recognition of our work driving digital innovation across image diagnostics and treatment planning services.

Digital Health is critical to solve the challenges facing healthcare

The global health sector has been under exceptional pressure over the last year. However, the pandemic has also forced innovation and advances in digital health initiatives. Many cancer care services have been postponed because of COVID. With a treatment backlog on our hands, digital tools such as Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a critical role to play. The widespread use of AI technology enables healthcare teams to treat more patients, improving cancer care and tackling the backlog. Over the last year, Mirada has focused on getting this technology into the hands of cancer care clinicians. As a result of our work bringing digital technology to the NHS front line, the DIT has recognized Mirada’s contribution in its ‘First 100 playbook’ initiative.

The First 100 Playbook

The playbook is a new initiative that recognizes the UK’s leading digital health organizations; those who are not just leaders in their field but in particular those who set new standards, pioneer new inventions and progress the state of the art. It involves a rigorous judging process and we had to demonstrate our commitment to international expansion as well as our responsiveness to the market.

Most of all, we had to show the uniqueness of our offering, and demonstrate our ability to positively represent the UK journey and the direction of digital health. The First 100 Playbook is only awarded to the top 100 digital health companies in the UK. And we made it. To say we are proud is an understatement. To borrow the DIT’s motto, we think that ‘Innovation is Great’. Many thanks to my colleagues, customers, and partners whose invaluable help has made this happen.

Download the ‘First 100 Playbook’ – – to see our listing!


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