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Mirada Medical and clinical partners secure £500,000 grant to transform prostate cancer treatment with AI and enhanced reporting.

Press release : Date: 18/06/38

Grant awarded by UK’s Advancing Precision Medicine program to help physicians better use PSMA PET/CT in the clinic..

Mirada Medical, a global innovator in medical imaging, is excited to announce that it has been awarded a grant from Innovate UK’s Advancing Precision Medicine program including funding from the Office of Life Sciences. Innovate UK. Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (“PSMA”) is a protein found on the surface of prostate cancer that can be detected by a PET/CT scanner.  The grant will propel Mirada’s development of a comprehensive AI-assisted PSMA PET/CT solution, designed to help improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis. By integrating this technology, physicians will be able to precisely stratify patients, ensuring they receive the most effective treatment options available, including innovative radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPT).


The Innovate UK grant propels us closer to realizing the full potential of PSMA PET/CT as a critical diagnostic biomarker of prostate cancer,” said Mirada Medical CEO Jon DeVries. “This funding accelerates our research and brings us nearer to our goal of dramatically improving patient outcomes globally. And we are proud to be supporting the efficient adoption of these new technologies here in the UK.

The Advancing Precision Medicine program funds projects aiming to develop digital and data-enabled tools as well as multi-modal approaches for more accurate diagnosis and treatment stratification.  Mirada has received this grant to help support the widespread adoption of PSMA PET/CT in the clinic. PSMA radio-pharmaceuticals are a relatively new family of drugs used in tandem to diagnose and treat cancers and is a major growth area in clinical practice today. However, adoption of PSMA PET/CT by clinics creates fundamental challenges relating to large imaging volumes, staffing and clinical workflows. This is what Mirada addresses with AI-driven automation to standardize reporting and enhancing efficiency in the clinical setting.


“We are committed to developing technological solutions that integrate seamlessly within the clinical workflow" added Dr Julien Willaime, VP of Science & Research. "This grant represents an opportunity to accelerate the development and deployment of the next generation of intelligent and integrated imaging solutions in the clinic for diagnostics nuclear medicine applications. We are excited to be working in concert with our clinical partners on this research project to leverage the potential of PSMA PET/CT in the clinic, for improved treatment decisions and better patient outcomes."


Mirada Medical's successful application reflects the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging technology and its potential to transform patient care worldwide. Research and development will be in collaboration with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust.


For more information about Mirada Medical and its innovative medical imaging solutions, please visit


About Mirada Medical: Mirada Medical is a global innovator at the forefront of medical imaging software, specializing in advanced imaging solutions for diagnosis, dosimetry, and therapy.   With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Mirada Medical is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technology that enhances clinical workflows, improves diagnostic accuracy, and transforms patient care.


Innovate UK is creating a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations.

We provide targeted sectors with expertise, facilities, and funding to test, demonstrate and evolve their ideas, driving UK productivity and economic growth. Join our network and communities of innovators to realize the potential of your ideas and accelerate business growth.


The Office for Life Sciences (OLS) is a joint unit between the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology. OLS exists to improve the health and wealth of the nation by growing a resilient and innovative life sciences sector in the UK, and by bringing new technologies and treatments into the NHS to transform healthcare.


OLS funding for the Advancing Precision Medicine program is provided as part of the Government’s Life Science Cancer Mission. The Cancer Mission aims to make the UK a leading test-bed for oncology innovation by accelerating the development and commercialization of a new generation of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, allowing patients to be diagnosed earlier and offered therapies specifically designed to target their cancer.



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