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Mirada adds to growing library of anatomical structures

Here at Mirada we are excited to announce the release of 13 new abdominal structures to DLCExpert, our AI-powered auto contouring solution. The new structures add to our library of AI structures for organ-at-risk auto-contouring and are further evidence of our ongoing commitment to deliver a comprehensive suite of structures that we continually improve.

The addition of these structures builds on the already extensive number of treatment sites that Mirada can support and have been expertly curated and developed in accordance with established guidelines. The structures in this release are suitable for use in various clinical indications including Esophageal, Pancreatic, Liver, Kidney, Pelvis and Thoracic patients.

Due to the time-consuming and complex nature of contouring abdominal organ-at-risk structures in clinical use, the release of these structures has the potential to offer clinicians not only time-savings, but also increased consistency and efficiency. For further information please get in touch

To learn more about Mirada’s Radiotherapy software solutions for contouring get in touch


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