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KAPOSVAR upgrades to Mirada zero-click DLCExpert AI autocontouring solution.

Consistently saving 40-60% of time for H&N, breast and pelvic disease sites.

The Department of Oncoradiology in the Somogy County Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital started operating in 2001 with the basic principle to establish a state-of-the-art comprehensive radiotherapy department and complex oncological care.

Today, the radiotherapy department is lead by Dr. Ferenc Lakosi who, with his team, carries on the legacy by pushing for the very best in cutting edge patient care. The department is very active towards participating in research to continuously innovate for their patients’ benefit.

The department is equipped with two modern linear accelerators and treats about 1300 patients per year, mostly from Southwestern Hungary. The department is one of very few radiation therapy centers in the world with access to a PET/MRI scanner. As a result, all patients who need an MRI and/or PET scan to guide their radiotherapy treatment get one.

Treatment protocols are determined and updated using the latest research outcomes and state-of-the-art treatment techniques such as IMRT, VMAT or SBRT.

As a result, patients receive a personalized treatment protocol best suitable to their individual needs. The aim is to achieve the most aggressive treatment of the disease with maximum sparing of healthy tissue and least side effects.

The problem

Maintaining a high level of patient care has put a lot of strain on the department’s staff in recent years due to the limited number of trained professionals available in the region.

Amongst others, the high workload of contouring for every treatment plan was highlighted as a problem and an opportunity to free up much needed time.

The solution

The aim was to find a system that would automate the contouring process and result in significant time saving for the radiation therapists (RTT) and radiation oncologists. The department at Kaposvár found this initially in MIRADA’s RTx software before upgrading to the zero-click DLCExpertTM AI autocontouring solution.

The outcome

By now the Kaposvár radiotherapy department utilizes MIRADA autocontouring to consistently save 40-60% of time for the contouring of H&N, breast and pelvic disease sites.

“MIRADA’s autocontouring helped us to drastically reduce our manual contouring workload for head and neck OARs, as well as breast and pelvic lymph nodes target volumes. Our time spent with contouring has dropped by around 60% for H&N and 40% for breast which makes a huge difference for the doctors and RTTs.”

“The autocontours need minimal editing and the workflow is completely automated from the CT simulation to the TPS. This zero-click workflow removes the need for mouse clicks or waiting in front of a screen. This is extremely helpful for physicians especially in the absence of sufficient RTT staff for OARs contouring.”

Dr Ferenk Lakosi, Head of Department, Somogy County Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital


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