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Celebrating International Women's Day at Mirada.

In recognition of International Women's Day tomorrow, we are celebrating the diversity and inclusivity at Mirada. We recognize that there is still work to do but we have made huge strides of progress in the last 15 years. Our teams are more diverse now then ever before and we are actively engaging with each other to better it further. Below we highlight a few personal stories by our remarkable team.


Anna: CFO at Mirada Medical

I feel very lucky that early in my career I had the privilege to meet and work with some exceptional women at Mirada. From Gail Buswell, the CFO at the time who introduced me to the world of Finance, to Mary Beth Archibald, our US VP Operations who I set up the US office with which allowed me to spend time cycling in Denver with her and her family. They were both great role models, being passionate and exceptional at their jobs whilst also having great fun and adventures outside of work which I found inspiring. Since then, I have worked with many more great women at Mirada at all levels, the current Senior Team is over 50% women which is a different make up to the years before and I think it's great that women are being represented properly at all levels of the organization, including our Board of Directors which is 40% women. 

The 8th March is also my birthday and my Mirada Anniversary, I will have been at Mirada 14 years which is crazy! When I started at Mirada answering the phone after deciding Science teaching wasn't for me. I had no idea that I'd end up meeting so many inspiring people and up as the CFO 14 years later.

International Women's Day helps us all to recognize the power of being seen, that visibility is not just physical presence but it’s about acknowledgement and empowerment. When young people see what they can achieve it breaks down barriers and inspires others to achieve great things.

Zoe with her dog

Zoe Wong : Analyst at Mirada Medical

From a young age I have always said to my family that one day I am going to cure cancer, obviously not fully understanding what cancer was at that age and the barriers that I would face. I studied Chemistry and Engineering at university and struggled to remain in the field due to the fear of not being good enough. In 2021 lockdown, my grandad was suffering from cancer in Hong Kong, and I felt useless being stuck in the UK. Shortly after, I saw the opportunity at Mirada and gave it a shot. It was a mix of software solutions and cancer care which really appealed to me where I can utilize my technical skills with my science understanding. When I first started at Mirada, I did not know what to expect. I transitioned from a large team of all men and myself being the only woman on the team to a team with a much more even spread. I did not think too much of the gender gap until then and received so much support from the team and realizing how closing that gender gap can impact how well I felt fitting into a team. Naturally everything seemed a lot more neutral and everyone was heard and I felt comfortable to speak up. This is just the start of my career and already I have been able to work with such supportive and inspirational women.

What we do at Mirada as well as the team that make it happen is really my drive to really be part of this change in accelerating cancer care. 

Sam Devine : Integrations Engineer at Mirada Medical

In a field where representation and diversity are still evolving, women in tech understand the importance of building bridges and fostering connections. In software development and systems integrations, navigating complex challenges often requires a collaborative approach, women in tech can vouch for the power of collective wisdom and diverse perspectives. On a personal note, the bonds formed through female friendships have been a source of strength and solidarity throughout my career journey. Within our company, I've witnessed the transformative impact of women uplifting each other - from sharing insights and best practices to offering a shoulder to lean on during challenging times. 

This International Women's Day, I am celebrating the resilience and sorority exemplified by my fellow women in tech! Our collective empowerment paves the path to greater innovation and inclusivity in med tech and beyond


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