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You have to be technical to use AI Autocontouring – Myth 4

10 May 2021

AI Autocontouring requires a lot of in-house technical expertise.

Myth 4 – You have to be technical to use AI Autoconturing.

Many clinics believe that you have to be technical to use AI Autocontouring. Mirada’s team will ensure seamless integration into your systems. Cancer treatment is currently challenged by a lack of resources, clinicians’ time, and an ever-increasing case backlog.

At Mirada, we are aware of these challenges and help by efficiently evaluating your precise needs, from initial in-clinic deployment to ongoing optimization. We work with you to ensure seamless software integration, saving you integration time and optimizing systems output.

The Mirada Customer Success team includes Clinical and Technical experts in the US and EMEA. It will install, configure and support your clinical solutions with the latest functionality to meet your local or network protocols. At Mirada, our clinical experts will take your feedback and fine-tune the AI output to your needs and follow your guidelines and best practice.

As the first clinical AI Autocontouring global provider, Mirada recognizes that all hospitals and Dosimetrist contour differently. We will provide all Dosimetrists in any hospital the same starting point to quality review and help them be more exacting.

Our User Community forum has been created to support you all the way and includes regular product and clinical updates and news of the peer-to-peer event.

Mirada’s AI breakthrough technology is engineered to provide you with confidence and remove the need to be technical to use AI autocontouring. We have learned and evolved our solutions with our worldwide clinical partners, which means our models. Structure sets meet international standards and expanding monthly to meet ever-increasing and varied clinical needs. We have evolved to provide a pick n mix structure set around anatomical regions moving away from the traditional model view and encourage hospitals to see their data on our contours.

Our science is constantly rigorously tested by clinical partners and peer-reviewed by journals, so you know you can trust us and our 15 years of medical imaging expertise. DLCExpert structures have been trained with a databank of carefully curated data to deliver contours that meet industry standards. (Global standards include RTOG and ESTRO)

“Whenever reaching out to me, the Mirada staff are always mindful of my time and always professional and courteous. They are great about making introductions, and I always feel respected and appreciated when communicating with them.” Angela Rubio, Chief Radiation Dosimetrist, University of New Mexico Cancer Center – Radiation Oncology Department – Sept 2020 To help clinics experience the benefits of AI, we have launched an AI Accelerator program. A tailored package offers accelerated clinical implementation, rapid clinical optimization, and access to our world-class expertise for a zero-cost, no-obligation, introductory period.

Places on the program are limited, so please complete the form below to discuss your requirements for an initial engagement with our team.

Apply to be part of the Accelerator Program. [pardot-form width=”800″ height=”1000″ id=”3121″ title=”Accelerator form”]


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