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The Clatterbridge Cancer Center

DLCExpert improves consistency and saves time in OAR contouring

The hospital located in Liverpool City Center delivers a wide range of highly specialist care including pioneering chemotherapy, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, gene therapy and radiotherapy. The services also include diagnostics and imaging, outpatients, day-case treatments, a teenage & young adult unit, clinical therapies, and a wide range of cancer information and support.

The problem

Clatterbridge were interested in a solution that would save time and help improve their consistency in OAR contouring.

The solution

Mirada offered a DLC Expert subscription and agreed to build two custom DLC models. One custom head and neck model and one custom prostate model. The prostate model was later released commercially as it included new structures and increased performance to our existing prostate models.

The outcome

Clatterbridge: “We use Mirada’s autocontouring solutions to assist in the generation of treatment plans for several thousand patients every year. The company’s products are an integral part of our treatment pathway for breast, brain and lung cancer patients, and recently we have deployed DLC Expert for the autocontouring of our head and neck cases.

With DLC in particular, our planning team have reported a noticeable efficiency improvement in organ at risk contouring versus manual contouring. In addition, they have also noticed an overall improvement in the consistency of final contours.

We are now working with Mirada to develop Deep Learning models for additional clinical indications so that we can realize the benefits of time-saving and consistency across even more of our patient population.”

Simon Temple, Consultant Clinical Scientist, The Clatterbridge Cancer Center


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