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Mirada announces ‘à la carte’ library of structures for DLCExpert™

New updates will empower healthcare organizations around the globe to access AI-powered contouring in line with their unique treatment protocols

Oxford January 2021: Today, Mirada Medical announced updates to its DLCExpert™ application to allow personalization of structure sets for automated, Artificial Intelligence (AI) autocontouring for Radiation Therapy treatment planning. Clinicians will be empowered with a new, ‘à la carte’ library of contouring structures. This library allows clinicians to customize their organs at risk structure sets to meet their clinical protocols and processes.

Streamlining radiation treatment for cancer patients

Predictions indicate unprecedented future demand for cancer treatment; Cancer Research UK projects there will be 514,000 new cases per year by 2035. Radiation therapy is one of the most effective cancer treatments in oncology and will be key to tackling the growing number of patients. However, there is scope for the radiation workflow to be improved to deliver greater accuracy and efficiency via automation. Organs at risk (OAR) contouring is an area where the radiation workflow can be improved. It informs treatment planning to ensure that healthy organs are spared during radiation treatment and is typically conducted manually which is a time and resource–intensive process. Therefore, in 2018, Mirada launched DLCExpert, the world’s first clinically approved, AI-powered, Deep Learning solution that automatically contours organs at risk. DLCExpert speeds up the contouring process, increasing consistency, and gifting clinicians more time to spend with their patients.

Flexing to fit a wide range of treatment protocols

DLCExpert’s newly announced enhancements will make the solution accessible to clinics with an increased variety of treatment protocols. Hospitals can select from a comprehensive library of structures, allowing them to bespoke their AI implementation to meet their clinical needs. This library is constantly evolving and being updated with new structures, as Mirada collaborates with hospitals around the globe. Commenting on the updates, Sarah Bond, Chief Product Officer, Mirada Medical said: “The new ‘à la carte’ library for DLCExpert will give hospitals the much–needed flexibility to pick the right structures for the right protocols. This will further empower DLCExpert to enable more clinicians to tackle the rising number of cancer cases in the UK and globally. These time-saving technologies must be embraced if we are to meet future demand for cancer care. That’s why Mirada is consulting with leading clinicians and enhancing its solutions to meet the needs of more cancer care teams and their patients. ” This release forms part of Mirada’s commitment to continuously update and add structures to its library for anatomical regions covered by DLCExpert for all regions treated with RT. The new DLCExpert structures are compliant with international guidelines and protocols including ESTRO Consensus Guidelines. The structures are developed in collaboration with Mirada’s inhouse clinical experts and external clinicians from internationally renowned cancer institutions. DLCExpert is vendor-neutral and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into any workflow. If you would like to see how your data performs with DLCExpert, contact us for a straightforward contour review consultation.

About Mirada:

Mirada Medical is a leading international brand in medical imaging. The company develops advanced technology AI-based applications that help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively and efficiently to improve cancer care. Mirada’s products are used across diagnostic radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology, medical oncology and elsewhere. The company specializes in simplifying technically complex image processing tasks, allowing clinicians to diagnose disease, assess response to treatment, and plan radiation therapy or surgical intervention more confidently. Mirada’s advanced technology products are available throughout the world under its brand, and on an OEM basis through a select number of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

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