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In profile – Anna Cherrington, HR Coordinator

29 Jul 2021


My name is Anna, and I’m the HR Coordinator here at Mirada. I work within the People team and our aim is to ensure that all our employees are given the best employee experience, from the day they apply for a role to the day that they leave. I am driven by developing others and seeing them achieve and this role at Mirada gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Describe your average day

I wouldn’t describe myself as a morning person, but I often start work at 8.30am to get through my emails before many other team members start coming in at 9am. This is the time when I can set priorities, reflect on previous days, and generally give myself a quiet platform before the day begins. From then on, my days vary hugely from week to week, it’s the nature of my role that I have to shift priorities. Broadly speaking though, the majority of my responsibilities revolve around ensuring that all our employees are given the best employee experience possible, and our external recruitment output reflects a genuine image of us as an employer. This includes managing recruiter relationships and ensuring our careers page is engaging and authentic.

One of my key responsibilities at Mirada is taking charge of hiring. Depending on the volume of hiring, my average day will consist of reviewing candidates’ profiles with hiring managers, coordinating, conducting and reviewing interviews, plus organising preboarding and onboarding for new starters. Amongst all this, I write reports, conduct audits and create employee information documents. I think is also worth mentioning that I do have the occasional game of pool when in the office!

My favourite point of my day is when I get to have those initial calls with prospective candidates. I really enjoy hearing about their experiences, what drives them and also seeing their individuality. That could be hearing that they are a marvel enthusiast, they have a dog, or they are planning their wedding. Hearing about the things that make candidates’ eyes light up really makes me smile.

What piece of advice would you give someone applying for a role at Mirada?

Our approach to hiring is that we want our interviews to be as open and enjoyable as possible, giving prospective candidates a real insight into what it would be like to work at Mirada, and also allowing candidates to see whether the role is right for them, which is just as important. I’m usually the first person who gets to speak with a potential new employee and it’s during these calls where I discover if they reflect our values and mission. My role throughout the interview process is to make candidates feel as comfortable as possible, allowing them to be at their best during the interview, while also evaluating whether a candidate will fit into the teams.

We’re really hands-on here at Mirada with our hiring, and as a team, we have made the commitment to always remain a human-centric employer throughout the candidate experience. We ensure that candidates get treated with respect and are never ghosted. Not only is this the right thing to do but also, because we love to build relationships with people who might not be right for Mirada now but potentially will be perfect in the future. We treat them how we would want to be treated.

My advice for anyone considering a position at Mirada is first, be honest and authentic, i.e., with who you are, what sort of role you want and how you like to work. We want to see your ambitions and what motivates you. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be it within the interview about the role and Mirada, or before any interviews and you want more details about what to expect. To me, it shows someone is invested in the process, is curious and is actively engaging with those involved in the hiring process

What is the best aspect of working for Mirada?

Overwhelmingly, the people. I can see that those working at Mirada are talented and fiercely passionate about their work, but they are also just good fun to be around. Being a small company, you rely on those around you, not only on a professional basis but also on the emotional and mental support you can get from your teammates. I came into the company about 10 months ago and very quickly felt welcomed and supported, not only by my manager and those in operations but also from my teammates in the other departments. I believe that passion for your job is super important but if you have great people around you at the same time, the work that you are doing will be even more rewarding.


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