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Autocontouring will replace clinicians – Myth 3

10 May 2021

Autocontouring will replace clinicians

Myth 3 – AI Autocontouring will replace clinicians. Mirada’s AI releases your clinicians to focus where it matters most.

Some people fear that by automating the contouring process, Autocontouring will replace clinicians. This is not the case.

At Mirada, we are totally focused on empowering clinicians, not on replacing them. We partner and assist clinicians with AI-based, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Clinical Automation specifically configured to each requirement. Mirada’s AI can only assist and empower clinicians. It relieves them from time-consuming tasks and contouring process inefficiencies so that they can support and treat more patients and focus on the accuracy of the output rather than processes themselves.

Mirada AI will help clinicians concentrate on more complex cases, be more thorough in the quality checks, and eventually diversify and increase their skills. AI Autocontouring helps save time and provides one source of consistent contours if a solution like DLCExpert is used; DLCExpert will provide all Dosimetrists in any hospital the same starting point quality review and be more exacting.

Our science is rigorously tested by clinical partners and peer-reviewed by journals, so you know you can trust us and our 15 years of medical imaging expertise. DLCExpert structures have been trained with a databank of carefully curated data to deliver contours that meet industry standards. (Global standards include RTOG and ESTRO)

“Study of DLC H&N model showed that all but 1 contour exhibited low inter-observer variability. DLC is now in routine clinical use.” H. Lee Moffit Cancer Centre, Florida (AAPM 2020) To help clinics experience the benefits of AI, we have launched an AI Accelerator program. A tailored package offers accelerated clinical implementation, rapid clinical optimization, and access to our world-class expertise for a zero-cost, no-obligation, introductory period.

Places on the program are limited, so please complete the form below to discuss your requirements for an initial engagement with our team.

Apply to be part of the Accelerator Program. [pardot-form width=”800″ height=”1000″ id=”3121″ title=”Accelerator form”]


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