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AI Autocontouring is too disruptive – Myth 1

10 May 2021

AI Autocontouring is too disruptive

Myth 1 – AI Autocontouring is too disruptive for the benefits it delivers. Mirada’s AI is ‘Zero Click,’ meaning zero workflow disruption.

There is a popular misconception that AI Autocontouring is too disruptive and that evaluating AI-based applications takes time and might disrupt the existing clinical workflow. An AI application should work alongside hospitals’ existing workflows and add very few additional operator steps as possible into their existing setup. The ideal is no extra steps. The idea that AI Autocontouring is too disruptive, is a true myth. Here at Mirada, we call this absence of workflow disruption “Zero-click.” It comes as standard due to our powerful automation platform that powers DLCExpert AI-Autocontouring. Mirada Zero-click automation takes you from Scans to Plans. Our Zero-click solution completely automates workflow, from CT simulation to the TPS, removing the need for mouse clicks or waiting in front of a screen. It is beneficial as it frees clinicians time from time-consuming manual tasks. Our software is completely vendor-neutral and designed to be completely automated. It fits in and does not disrupt your existing setup. Based on the philosophy of zero-click automation, Mirada’s DLCExpert™ unlocks the intrinsic benefits of efficiency, speed, and accuracy without changing the workflow, so you can put your people where they matter most.

“MIRADA’s autocontouring helped us to drastically reduce our manual contouring workload for head and neck OARs, as well as breast and pelvic lymph nodes target volumes. Our time spent with contouring has dropped by around 60% for H&N and 40% for breast, which makes a huge difference for the doctors and RTTs.” Dr. Ferenk Lakosi, Head of Department, Somogy County Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital To help clinics experience the benefits of AI, we have launched an AI Accelerator program. A tailored package offers accelerated clinical implementation, rapid clinical optimization, and access to our world-class expertise for a zero-cost, no-obligation, introductory period. Places on the program are limited; please complete the form below to discuss your requirements for an initial engagement with our team.

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