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AI Autocontouring is not as good as human contouring – Myth 2

10 May 2021

AI Autocontouring is not as good as human contouring

Myth 2 – AI Autocontouring can never be as good as a clinician. Mirada’s AI automates laborious tasks so you can focus where it matters most.

A current dilemma is whether to consider AI autocontouring as an assistant or an adversary. Many often feel that AI Autocontouring is not as good as human contouring

At Mirada, our goal is about enabling universal cancer care: partnering with clinicians and ensuring ease of use, cost-effective process automation, and technology. Our AI Autocontouring solution automatically delineates organs- at risk, taking away the manual need to draw around OARs. This task is a critical step in preparing a patient for radiation therapy to ensure that healthy organs surrounding the tumor are spared from radiation to improve patient outcomes.

Our evidence suggests that most clinicians cannot tell the difference between manual contours and ones created by Mirada’s DLCExpert auto contouring solution. This result is good news, its not that AI Autocontouring is not as good as human contouring, rather that humans build algorithms to help humans save time, be more accurate, consistent, and focus on what’s important – being with patients and being more exacting.

Built on hundreds of quality datasets and curated by clinical experts, our solutions are used to treat thousands of patients worldwide. DLCExpert™ takes away the manual effort of delineating and contouring OARs, providing one source of consistent contours. We train our AI on your data and your requirements, and our AI contours are based on your preferences using large data sets. Improved quality assurance will ultimately give you confidence in the consistent contouring output.

“80% of the H&N structures contoured by the DLC require either no edits or minor editing (which we have defined as > 1 min of editing). We have received an upgrade since we have started using DLC, and I have noticed an improvement in the contouring of structures after the upgrade. They were good before, and now they are even better.” Angela Rubio, CMD Chief Radiation Dosimetrist, University of New Mexico Cancer Center – Radiation Oncology Department – Sept 2020 To help clinics experience the benefits of AI, we have launched an AI Accelerator program. A tailored package offers accelerated clinical implementation, rapid clinical optimization, and access to our world-class expertise for a zero-cost, no-obligation, introductory period.

Places on the program are limited, so please complete the form below to discuss your requirements for an initial engagement with our team.

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