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AI Autocontouring is expensive and only for the well funded clinics – Myth 5

10 May 2021

AI Autocontouring is not in our budgets this year.

Myth 5 – AI Autocontouring is expensive and only for well funded clinics. Mirada allows you to trial for 3 months with zero cost and commitment.

Funding systems and technological upgrades within healthcare are major stumbling blocks for clinicians faced with an ever-increasing range of clinical complexities, additionally many believe that AI autocontouring is expensive and only for well funded clinics.

Mirada’s AI configurability ensures that solutions can be adapted cost-effectively to suit each specific clinical set-up and requirement. It will ultimately optimize treatment planning and delivery of care output to ensure better clinical and human resources.

You can experience the power of Mirada AI cost-effectively and with no obligations. Exclusive trial pricing is available via Mirada’s Accelerator program, tailored to your precise requirements with no disruption to your existing set-up, delivering efficiency/time saving vs. cost. Pricing is scaled to your patients’ volume (PPP).

Places on the program are limited, so please complete the form below to discuss your requirements for an initial engagement with our team.

Apply to be part of the Accelerator Program. [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”1000″ id=”3121″ title=”Accelerator form”]


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